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Saturday, 02 July 2011 11:27

Benjamin Graham, known as the father of value investment, is prominent investor as well as an academician. He uses back-testing models to verify his conclusions on his formulas. Graham is a value investor and he has published several books on value investment. He is also known for simple estimation rules for the fair value of a company. His investment decision is based on margin of safety concept.

His formula for estimating margin of safety is based on the following:

Long-Term Valuation (LTV) = Earnings Per Share x (8.5 + 2 x Estimated Long-Term Earnings Growth) x (4.4 / Corporate Bond Yield)

One can calculate the margin of safety as the percentage difference between Long-Term Valuation and current price of a stock:

Margin of Safety = (LTV - Price) / LTV

Buffet suggests a minimum of 30% margin of safety. Note that margin of safety is a very dynamic concept. As stock prices move up and down, both long-term valuations and margin of safety change. From time to time, I look at the stocks with nifty margin of safety. Here, is a list of articles on margin of safety:

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